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HLT lamina tile press series is leading the new fashion style of the lamina tile

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Warmly congratulate the HLT automatic hydraulic lamina tile press, who has won the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Prize

Recently, the winners of 2015 Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Awards were announced on Guangdong provincial government’s official website. We are proud to announce that HLT automatic hydraulic lamina tile press, with innovative technology and their contribution to society has won awards in Guangdong Province. The application process for this prize is very thorough, not only having certain effects on our industry technology progress and industrial structure adjustment, but also can create economic benefits. Technological achievements must attain provincial lead levels in technical and economic indexes, own independent intellectual property rights and with the higher achievements transformation.

??? With obvious advantages of saving clay resources and decreasing sinter energy consumption, the lamina tiles new environmental protection building material , now has become a new mainstream of development in European and the American market. However, the scale of lamina tiles in domestic market has not been widespread. According to the requirements of the new revision of the national porcelain tile standard in late last year :? the thickness of the tile being 600mm by 600mm is not greater than 10mm; the thickness of the tile which size is 800 by 800 mm is not greater than 11.0 mm. So it could be an important test of how some manufacturers to adapt to the implementation of this new standard. With national sustainable development and green energy savings being advocated, meeting the development of the widespread implementation of low carbon economy policy, lamina tile trend is imperative.

Item YP3500, YP5009 and YP7200L tile press further adopted with the mould dry pressing technique, which developed on the original basis, has become the main products of 2015 HLT lamina automatic hydraulic press project. According to the characteristics of the lamina manufacturing processes, we have studied the in press body structure and lamina production technology, which makes a complete set of technical equipment to meet the requirement of high precision and high performance of lamina pressing, in order to achieve the lamina production in conventional ceramic tile press machine.

HLT automatic hydraulic press can be press various specifications lamina tile, such as 300x300mm~ 300 x800mm, 600 x1200mm, 900 x1800mm etc. We have been filled with positive feedback and high praise from our customers for our products which base on reliable performance and stable pressing force. Especially for pressing the lamina tile, it has features in low energy consumption and dependable consistent product quality. HLT lamina press has a significant energy-saving effect during use. This not only reduces the production cost of enterprise investment, but also conforms to the energy-saving reduction and development of low carbon economy encouraged by the state.

After we have constantly improved our skill and practicing internal strength, HLT has successfully launched the first model of Ten Thousand Ton Level tile press machine-YP10000 in Asia. Recently, lamina pressing has been formally put into production in some factories. The size for normal tile press on this press can reach to 1000x2000mm. To produce lamina tile, thickness about 3.5mm-6mm, maximum size can reach to 1200x2440mm, the daily output of single machine can reach 1.3 square meters. YP10000 press can greatly save raw materials and energy consumption by adobe thinning. It can also bring considerable economic benefits and social benefits.

HLT lamina press, has won the third prize of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province. It also obtained some awards relying on their technical innovation, good economic and social benefits, such as The first prize of Science and Technology in Foshan, the first prize of Mechanical Engineering Society Science and Technology in Guangdong, The award of Technology Innovation of National Building Materials Industry. HLT is proud of the immense praise that has been received by it’s customers.

Since the successful launch of the HLT lamina tile press in the market, not only conform to the trend of our country on the ceramic tile of thinning, but also carry the epochal dreams and aspirations of HLT’s people. The creative exploration spirit of HLT further put down roots at press manufacturing, promoted our country large-scale popularization of the technology of thinning ceramic tiles, and have made due contributions for our country to create a friendly environment and establish the resource conservation society.?